welcome to oplen

Experimental and melancholic electronic music with piano, organs, guitars, bass guitar,
sampler, analogue synthesizers, effect pedals, light depending filter and vocals.
The aim is to create an individual idiosyncratic sound, the music is inluenced by
techno, dark ambient, shoegaze, post rock and 70"s psychadelia music.
oplen aka Henrik Sunbring (also a member of the band Domus, and ex Agent Side Grinder)
has created electronic music since 2001.

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/oplenmusic

-O-P-L-E-N, 2021 (cassette and digital album release) Out 2021-03-26 !!!
-139/312/186", 2019 (digital EP release)
-No_sound EP, 2012 (digital EP release)
-Skikt, 2012 (digital album release)
-Besides 06-09, 2010 (Equaliteq netlabel-comp)
-The organ and shuffle music according to oplen, 2009 (Remastered digital re-release)
-Sunky Beats EP, 2006 (Equaliteq netlabel-EP)
-Sunky Beats vol 1, 2006 (CD-r)
-The organ and shuffle music according to oplen, 2005 (Acrylik netlabel-EP)

oplen also appears on some CD-compilations and netlabel EP:s from
Enfant Terrible, Equaliteq, Acrylik, depth and construction and Zerinnerung.

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news 20210326:
O-P-L-E-N album is out on cassette and streaming!

news 20200422:
A serie of singles called O, P, L, E, N are released this spring.
Also check out my new postkraut band Domus

news 20121223:
oplen contributes with the track "Skikt" on the vinyl compilation "Exploitation" by Enfant Terrible!
Exploitation is also the soundtrack for the new film by Dutch independent filmmaker Edwin Brienen.
Check out enfant-terrible.nl for info on the release!

news 20121212:
-"No_sound EP" is out!
You can listen to the album on spotify
or buy the digital release of the album on iTunes or cdbaby.com
Thank you Kristoffer Grip for the Artwork drawing!

news 20121018:
-Digital release of the album "Skikt" is out!!!
You can listen to the album on spotify
or buy the digital release of the album on iTunes or cdbaby.com

Composed, performed and produced in Ohm studio 2 and Lobotom tonstudio June 2007 to August 2008
by Henrik Sunbring. Final mixing and mastering in Helter Skelter Studio 2012. The music is based
on self made beat samples combined with elements of piano, organs, guitars, bass guitar,
analogue synthesizers, effect pedals, light depending filter and vocals.

With this album, oplens sound grows more atmospheric and ambient. The innovative characteristic
beats are still in focus, only now surrounded by new textures and elements. With "Skikt" oplens
sound evolves and develops, new instruments and textures introduce a larger more timeless sound.

news 20100601:
"Besides 06-09", 2010 (Equaliteq netlabel-comp) is out!
Take a look at this video for one of the tracks.

news 20090301:
-Radio Resistencia (ET001) compilation CD is out now! closing track by oplen,
listen to "music for trains" at myspace.com/oplen.

news 20071024:
-Download my live set from the netlabelfestival i zürich last year, click here!

news 20060929:
-I will do a live performence at the Netlabel Festival in Zurich.ch 18th October.

news 20060328:
the polish netlabel Equaliteq will release a free mp3-EP called "sunky beats EP" (Eqq007)
with 6 tracks from "sunky beats vol 1" plus a track called sunky B.

review Eqq007:
Personally this release is a highlight. I like to listen to it again and again.
The samples sound really unique and are arranged really well.
Every track creates a certain atmosphere, which let you float with you thoghts,
rough and melancholic at the same time.
Furthermore I can feel some own personality behind the music.
It does not remind me on something else firsthand. ::::listen to it! ::::
/metafor (metafor@anorg.net) http://www.sonicsquirrel.net

news 20060326:
the full length CD "sunky beats vol 1" will be released the 6th of april.
10 new tracks including a remix of a Me Ivan song.
order the CD (6 Euro/50 SEK/8 USD, postage include) by send a mail to
contact@oplen.com and I will give you instructions.

2.dogmer och vrån
3.allt är som det ska
4.i am u are (vers#2)
5.night and delay
6.parafras 4
10.se och hör (remix, me ivan song)

Info and creds: Produced and recorded at kalamarelabbet, helter skelter studio
and at henkes place june 2005-april 2006 by oplen.
All tracks by oplen except track 10, original version by Me Ivan and remix by oplen.

contact (at) oplen.com